Operation center grate

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Operation center grate

Operation center grate

We are supply chain center grate and service installation, repair for boiler

Operation center grate is have characteristic such as:

– Can using more fuel is such as coal, rice husk briquette, wood pllet, husk pellet

– Have capacity small to medium (below 100 T / h) suitable for many factories in Vietnam

– The efficiency of the burners ranges from 80 to 90%

– The center grate is cooled underneath should have a higher life expectancy than fixed record type

– The material completely burn, fall drop less

– Simple structure for easy installation and maintenance

– Long life materials including coal burning

– Use flexible installation for boiler of different size and capacity

With the above characteristics, the centrifugal burners for the boiler are usually made of cast iron with a mixture of Cr, Ni Si, Mn just enough to keep the alloy stable in high temperature, small volume, more The structure of the recording requires uniform, standard shape so that when installation and operation are smooth


Dichvulohoi 247 is supplier of all the type of chain grate for boiler – boiler. We accept new installations, maintenance and replacement of burners for boilers with good price, good after-sales service.








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