The rice husk ash made in Viet Nam

The rice husk ash

After the rice husk fired in the combustion we have the “rice husk ash“.

Depend on the customer requirements, we will supply the rice husk ash as the requirement.

Some information about the Our rice husk ash as the follow:

  1. SiO2 content: from 85% to 95 % (depend on requirement)
  2. Carbon content: from 2% – 6% (depend on requirement)
  3. Moisture: 1 – 5% (depend on requirement)



This ash is a potential source of amorphous reactive silica, which has a variety of applications in materials science. The rice husk ash also is a very good thermal insulation material. The fineness of the ash also makes it a very good candidate for sealing fine cracks in civil structures, where it can penetrate deeper than the conventional cement sand mixture.

A number of possible uses for Rice Husk Ash include absorbents for oils and chemicals, soil ameliorants, a source of silicon, insulation powder in steel mills, as repellents in the form of “vinegar-tar” release agent in the ceramics industry, as an insulation material. More specialized applications include the use of this material as a catalyst support.

We supply rice husk ash in bulk to all domestic and foreign customers in need.

Please submit your request for chemical composition, physical properties to the type of rice husk ash you need us to review and respond in the fastest time

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